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Thank you for your interest in us and the services we offer.

Our duty to find „complete package solutions for your success“, is a promise we make to our customers every day. It is this determination which makes us a secure and reliable partner for your business. Our work is inspired and motivated by this quest and you and your objectives are the focus of our attention.

Extensive and competent support, together with highly qualified advice on food law are vital for the success of your invaluable work. We have been delivering these services for over 45 years – quickly, with competence and reliability!

In the following internet pages you will find information about us, the institute and our services which we would also be pleased to support you with in the near future. In addition you will find information about our contractual partners and certification – and finally how to find us.

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About us


By the end of the day quality is the key word.

No one can vouch for this as well as companies which deal with food on a daily basis – whether manufacturer, dealer or gastronome.

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Chemistry is known as the „Big C“ in quality assurance within the food industry.

Our institute has a wide spectrum of analysis to offer in this particular field. Whether the test involves natural or synthetic ingredients, the assessment of additives or residues of pesticides, veterinary drugs or heavy metals – nothing escapes the detectors in the chemical laboratory. Our tests are carried out using state-of-the art analysis methods and machines.

Expert assessment of the analysed result is not only carried out according to the prerequisites of prevailing legislation and state-of-the-art science but also according to strict specifications in-house.

This of course also applies to the related analysis methods of molecular biology customers rely on daily. With the aid of the polymer chain reaction (PCR) we are able to detect the exact type of animal used in meat products and identify genetically modified organisms (GMO).

With the aid of our immunological process we are able to trace allergens, mykotoxins and the central nervous system (CNS). Dairy, cereal, fruit, vegetable, fish or meat … we test it all.

All of these extensive tests are of great importance for every business within the food industry, which is dependant upon customer trust.

A trust which must never be broken.


Quality assurance is too important to simply rely on statutory regulations alone.

Better products,
better production,
better business processes,
better investments

> this is your requirement and your necessity.

We can help from A to Z.
We address the various stages from raw materials, production, processing, step-by-step surveillance to the final quality of the products.

Our main emphasis lies in monitoring production hygiene using microbiological examinations. This enables us to assess the exact status of produce…

All relevant microbiological methods are used to expose facts which are invisible to the naked eye. By examining pathogenic germs and their bacteriological toxins we are able to guarantee safe hygiene standards. Of course, within the scope of our duties we also carry out microbiological tests on drinking water.

Quick and professionally.
We have a separate laboratory for the complex field of molecular biology. We use DNA analysis to assist us with precise and reliable diagnostic in the field of microbiology.


We want to intruduce you to your sveral parts of services:

Laboratory Services


  • Sensory tests and assessment
  • Chemical analysis of natural and synthetic ingredients/additives and contamination
  • Microbiological tests of pathogenic and non-pathogenic germs
  • Monitoring of business hygiene (Hygiene checks such as „dabbing“, surface swabs or measurement of airborne germs)
  • Surveillance of official tests
  • PCR-Analytics (e.g. species differentiation, GVO)
Representative Services
  • Recording the current status
  • Identifying critical points (CP/CCP)
  • Checking and complementing existing documentation
  • Final control report with photo documentation
  • Business surveillance & hygiene audits with control report & recommendations
  • Support during development and implementation of a quality assurance system e.g. according to the HACCP concept
  • Advice on food legislation according to your requirements
  • Checking labelling ? also for export purposes
  • Tips on food regulation requirements when planning and building
  • Supervision and advice on preparation for IFS Auditing
Advice Training
  • Food regulation fundamentals such as LFGB, EU Hygiene package (regulation EU No. 852/2004 and 853/2004), labelling laws (LMIV), packaging laws (FPV) additive laws (regulation EU No. 1333/2008), nutritional labelling etc.
  • Business, production and personal hygiene
  • Professional cleaning and disinfections
  • Risks involved in food manufacture and their restraints
  • Basic knowledge of microbiology
  • Fundamentals in HACCP concept and in practise
  • Supervision during preparation for an IFS certification

Our field services understand your requirements: Quick presence, direct help, binding information.

That is what we stand for. We understand the high demands expected from your company. To eliminate all risks. To stand for quality.  At all times.

For this reason an important part of our service includes „surveillance on-site“ to test for business, production and personal hygiene.

Through regular hygiene audits we are able to detect any possible flaws, and we can then work with you to achieve mutual and practical solutions. For independent self-checking. For HACCP. For IFS.

Documentation of this type of monitoring certifies the safety measures required for the flawless quality your products.

> please call – we will be glad to serve you: +49-711-722094-0


Our expertise is based upon practise and is practical.

It is this which is so valuable for our customers. For example our extensive knowledge on all food legislation such as labelling, manufacture and packaging is readily available. This provides you with day-to-day reassurance.
You will receive and maintain an overview of the constantly changing statutory laws and regulations.

We are able to support you with matters of strategic value such as the implementation of new technologies, innovative marketing processes or the layout and planning of your building to optimise future production and processes. With our extensive practical knowledge? directly into your business.

> We escort our customers throughout the long term. For four decades.


Apart from competent service you also deserve a high degree of discretion.
This is fully justified and very important!

This is the reason you will not find a named list of customer references on our homepage. We are sure however: we already deal with your particular field!

At your request we will be pleased to establish contact between yourself and a customer of your choice, if both parties are in mutual agreement. This way you will experience our customer satisfaction first hand.

It is of greater importance, to >> subsequently inform you about our quality management, certification and additional qualities. We provide you with our iPDP quality seal for your own marketing purposes to show the quality of your products are regularly approved. Products with the iPDP seal stand for consistently high quality.

We provide you with our iPDP quality seal for your own marketing purposes to show the quality of your products are regularly approved.

Products with the iPDP seal stand for consistently high quality.




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